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Isaac Reference Sheet by AnjuDere Isaac Reference Sheet by AnjuDere
-23/11/2017: mistake correct and rewrite story
-06/08/2017: Quote +1 |
-07/08/2017: Quote +1 |

Full Name: William Fords

Nickname: N/A
Age: 19 years old

Gender: male
Place/Type of Residence: Russia, now N/A

Species: human

Left/Right handed: right

Languages Spoken: English, French [from his second father], Russian [native]

Personality: Isaac is someone who really like teasing people. He can become really agressive to harsh people and don't really like boy
.He is pretty handsome,so girls are attracted by him, he like play with girl feeling.

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Date Of Birth:
December 25, 1998

Date Of Death:  N/A


Eye Color: green

Skin Color: peach

Hair Color: brown

Interests: cat, Lacie

Favorite color: red

Favorite flowers: Camelia,Glaieul.

Favorite weather: Spring

Fears: Lacie death.

Isaac actually don't like the Doc LiaWorlds because he try to make Lacy stay away from him....and they hate each other anyway !!!


-Childhood:Isaac's mother gave birth to a boy [not desired] In Russia  she was a prostitute so Isaac's true father is unknow.
  • She don't really like him because he make her remember her past life [because he look like his father].
  • 2 years after is birth her mother married and gave birth to one girl and 5 years later to twin girls.
  • Isaac [true name William] grow up without a real "family".
  • 10 years old he start to run away from his home and school.
  • After a big quarrel with his parent he run away to never come back and go to an orphanage...there he start to become a "bad boy" [make cry girl, fight // you know this little guy who pissed everyone off ?]
  •  he also change his name as Isaac.
  • One day, He saw someone being bullied by some kids, he don't do anything...he think she gonna cry but she just do anything, that girl was really strange and that probably because of her hair that she was bullied [she had a long red hair as blood and red eyes]
  • All day, he saw some kids bullied her Isaac start to participate [not in bad way he only look] he was really interest because that was the first time he see someone who doesn't cry, suffer like a doll or a corpse.
  • He make some search [document in Principal room] and discover that her name was Lacie...he also discover part of story.
  • He save Lacie life because he found her inside the bathroom trying to killherself.
  • After that, Isaac start to keep an eye on kids that try to harass her, and start to follow her [trying to know her and maybe becoming friend?] She avoided him.
  • Lacie doesn't have more problem with kids after that [she doesn't care]
  • Then ...she was adopted

-Adolescence: Isaac was kind of sad  after Lacie's adoption , he wanted to know her...that's right, there is no one like her.
  •  Isaac sometimes go away from the orphanage to watch how Lacie was (does she was happy ? sad ?)
  • .After some time, he saw that something was not right with this family / He doesn't saw Lacie anymore ? then he think they could have killed her ?!
  • One day when both adoptive parents was not here he enter inside the house [housebreaking] and found a guy trying to strangle Lacie, Isaac knock him out.
  • He take Lacie out but panicked said to her to wait for him and that he come back
  • when he finally come back with the police the house was [////////////////////] and they found [////////////////////////]
  • Lacie had dissepear
  • Isaac search her 2 months but had to gave up [she was probably dead]
  • He go away from orphanage when he turn 18.
  • [next in the comic]

-Adulthood: N/A

His true father: N/A
His mother: Sonya Rounov
His father: Jean Fords
Sibling: Loretta,Sara and Suzie.
Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Relative: N/A

- ?????

"What ? Are you not the one who hate me ? I don't really care after all !" to his parent.
- "Hey what are you doing !! Trying to kill yourself like this ?! That can't save you!" to Lacie.
-"Nobody can hurt you now" to Lacie.
-"I'm not leaving when all I know is you..." to Lacie.

Isaac talk russian from his mother, he learn french from his second father and english in the orphanage.
-Actually had a lot of "friends" girls--
-Living in a apartment in the same town as Lacie.
-pretty badass with knife or gun.
-He learn some soldier skill and he is pretty good in fight.
-He have a bad opinion of woman because of his mother.
-Actually a good stalker. (Lacie know it !)

sorry for the mistake >-< PS: I was inspired by the song Let it Die,Starset (yeah idk why but this song suit Isaac ('-')|

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LiaWorlds Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017
Really you don't like the new doc Isaac ? XD
AnjuDere Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Isaac :" NO I hate him since the first time I see him, maybe he become less agressive at me [well, he continue to don't let Lacie go outside when I'm here ;-; ).....Anyways, that's not like we were friends !"
LiaWorlds Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017
Hehe ~
Less aggressive ?
He is a beast now ... He just don't give a shit about you x)
I'm not even sure if he knows that you exist xD

Edward : * stares at Isaac *
AnjuDere Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Isaac: *stare at Edward* "............what the actually f*ck ?" [ftu] inst EN SE

XD !
LiaWorlds Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017

Edward : ................ * Lui donne un soufflet ( un gifle avec un gant )
............. * stoïc face *

Important fact :
Edward is never seen without his gloves !
AnjuDere Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Isaac LOAF INTENSIFIES  " ..........................Y-you piece of sh*t!!! What the f*ck is your problem :!!!!! Have you some fail inside you f*ching brain !!!!!!
Seriously !!!?? what's your problem I didn't do ANYTHING !!! f*ck this sh*t !!!

Isaac brain is broken with this slap XD !!!!!!
LiaWorlds Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017
Edward : * stoic face *
* go away and write something on a paper *

Me : .... Isaac vient de se faire snobé O.O
AnjuDere Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Isaac : "..........What's the problem with him !!!"

someone poke himUndertaker (Poke) [V2] .:Ok?:. 

Isaac Chiyo Screaming Icon Kano Screaming Icon

Lacie: "don't scream like that..."

Isaac get a hurt attack XD

Isaac: ".....I could die !!!!"

Lacie: " Ho.  Sorry ...Yuuko Laughing Icon

Isaac *poke Lacie cheek*   "Revenge !!!"

Lacie: "Stuuuuup iiiiit huuuuuuuu Isuaaaaaack!" Poking Mashiro Icon


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LiaWorlds Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017
Woah !! Il est classe !!!

Il va avoir du mal à approcher Lacie avec le Doc dans les parages xD . Il ne va pas le prendre très bien si un homme se met à stalker sa fille surtout quand ce dernier a un passé de play boy xD
Oh la la XD J'imagine déjà la rencontre entre les deux xD . J'en suis déjà morte de rire xD
Je sais que c'est stupide mais sa coupe de cheveux me fait un peut penser à cette du doc xD Il y a trop de chose que j'ai envi de dire là xD
AnjuDere Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017  Student Digital Artist
XD pour la coupe c'est vraiment pas fait exprès j'avais fait des brouillons et du coup~~
C'est vrai que jouer les stalkers n'est pas la meilleur manière d'aborder quelqu'un hehe~
C'est plud bad boy quand même mais il a la cote après des filles~~ a la la
Je suis contente que tu l'apprécie heh~
LiaWorlds Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017
^.^ Ne tant fais pas il est super quand même ^.^
Bad boy ?? Ah ouais, le mec ténébreux et tout xD La classe xD
XD Nan mais le
" Interest : Lacie " ça me tue xD Issac est à fond sur la petite Lacie xD
AnjuDere Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017  Student Digital Artist
XD oui c'est vrai ! J'étais fier de moi ~
AnjuDere Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Quand je l'ai écris xD
LiaWorlds Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017
XD J'imagine bien xD
D'ailleurs lui et le doc pourrait former la team des col roulés ! Et ils vont dominer le monde xD
AnjuDere Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017  Student Digital Artist
XD tu m'a tué !!!!
LiaWorlds Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017
XD Désolée xD Je ne sais pas ce qui m'arrive. Je me suis sentie obligée de dire ça xD
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